Come Again (J. Dowland)


Come again became a famous work in 2006, when Deutche Grammophon released an exceptional CD album: pop singer Sting and lutist Edin Karamazov performing songs of the renaissance composer John Dowland (1563-1626).

The song was first published in the First Booke of Songs and Aires in 1597.

To make the score clearer for contemporary pianists to play, we have changed the stile antica alla breve beat into a 4/4 time signature. Even with this time signature, you can consider the pulsation either two or four beats per bar – whichever works for you. This is the best instrumental arrangement of this song that is possible to find.

Additional information

Product type

Sheet music for solo piano (PDF)


Dowland, J.


G major

Difficulty level

4 – Moderately easy




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