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Three North American Songs Added

Canadian landscape with mountains and a lake

Hello folks!

We’ve got three brand new arrangements for pianists out there:

We are also expanding our selection to jazz/blues side. Actually, you can now find a whole new genre page labeled Popular / Jazz / Blues. Two of the new pieces found their new home in that category!

Happy April from!

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Folk Song Additions

A brown piano shoot from above

Eight New Folk Songs

Happy New Year from! We have kept ourselves busy over the holidays and have now added the sheet music for the piano to eight new folk songs. The scores can be found in our Traditional Tunes -section.

We will add even more of these traditional songs from all over the world in our next update.

What would you like us to arrange next? Maybe some traditional music from your country? Please let us know!

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European National Anthems, Vol. 1

The flags of the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and France

Hello again!

We at are happy to announce four oven fresh arrangements of European national anthems:

In case you feel like singing, too, we have also provided the lyrics to the songs on their respective product pages. They are found on a sub-menu next to the product description below the product images.

We have recently published quite a lot of piano arrangements of national anthems. As our next project, we will concentrate on something else.. Stay tuned!

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Easy Piano Goes Down Under

Australian desert highway scenery

The National Anthems of Australia and New Zealand team is keeping itself busy these days with national anthems of the world. Today we have added two exciting new piano arrangements to our selection:

How difficult are they?

These arrangements are level 3 and 4 (easy to moderate easy). Follow the links above to find more info at their product page!

Stay tuned

We will keep adding new national anthems of countries throughout the world in the near future. If you can’t wait to have yours in our selection, contact us and let’s see what we can do!

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