Krummavísur – Icelandic Folk Song


The traditional Icelandic song, Krummavísur is a song about a raven.

So far, there has not been a musical score to this song available in the internet, and especially not for the piano. Now there is! Our piano arrangement has a simple theme and three variations to it. You can choose if you want to play them all or just play the simple theme with simple bass.

The song can also be played on two or three melody instruments (one or two high ones and one low; for example 1 or 2 violins and 1 cello).


Product type: Sheet music for solo piano (downloadable PDF) difficulty level: 2-3 (very easy – easy)

The short variations get gradually more difficult but are generally suitable even for beginners. The last variation takes a little more skill with 2-note chords in the right hand.

Key: E Phrygian (white keys only)

Additional information


Traditional / Unknown



Difficulty level

2 – Very easy, 3 – Easy


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