Festive March from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ (E. Melartin)


Erkki Melartin was a remarkable Finnish composer, whose broad catalogue of compositions includes a lot of symphonic orchestral music as well as a lot of music for the piano. One of his works has remained above the others as the most played one. It is this Festive March, also known as the “Wedding March by Melartin”. It was originally composed as a movement of incidental music for the play “Sleeping Beauty”.

Our piano arrangement is relatively easy – moderate by its skill level. Our goal was to transcribe this piece as an amateur-friendly, yet sounding orchestral as it should. We are sure you will enjoy our wonderful arrangement of this noble march!

Additional information

Product type

Sheet music for solo piano (PDF)


Melartin, E.


C major, F major

Difficulty level

4 – Moderately easy, 5 – Moderate




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