Por una Cabeza


Por una Cabeza – sheet music for piano as our own arrangement. This is one of the most famous Latin American tangos composed and sung by the legendary Carlos Gardel. This piece is nowadays famous from many movies and TV series such as Scent of a Woman and Money Heist.

This arrangement follows the original recording by Carlos Gardel from 1935 – the same year that he died in an airplane crash.

The chord symbols are written down above the staff, so this can be played together with accompaniment by other instruments.


The chord symbols are written in the anglo-american way, where “B” is a natural, “white” note. If you come from a German-speaking or Nordic country, replace the chord “B” with chord “H”.

The “black” note, B-flat chords are marked as Bb.

Additional information

Product type

Sheet music for solo piano (PDF)


Gardel, C.


A major, A minor

Difficulty level

5 – Moderate




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