Ave Maria (F. Schubert)


Ave Maria is one of Franz Schubert’s most popular and well-known works. It attained its status in music history 1940, when Walt Disney used this song in the final part of his film Fantasia. This arrangement for solo piano is an exlusive Easypianoscores.com work, with a balance between easiness of playing without losing any beautiful harmonies of the original composition.



  • Exclusive arrangement by Easypianoscores.com
  • The arrangement has been made to find a perfect balance between easiness of playing without losing necessary harmonies or melodic lines
  • 1-2 -voice right hand featuring the melody and harmony
  • Simplified left hand playing crotchets (quarter notes) in 6th – 8th intervals


  • The player should have experience in using the pedal – pedal markings are not provided
  • We strongly recommend having some experience in polyphonic playing – when different same hand voices play different rhytms (a long note under moving melody notes)
  • Knowing how to read and play 1st and 2nd endings
  • Understanding triplet rhytms

Tempo: about 60 beats per minute

Additional information

Product type

Sheet music for solo piano (PDF)


Schubert, F.


B-flat major

Difficulty level

4 – Moderately easy




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