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10 Easy Folk Songs for the Piano

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1. Auld Lang Syne

The traditional New Year’s song. A nice song to sing and play together – Scotland’s gift to the world.

Auld Lang Syne – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)

2. Londonderry Air / Danny Boy

An Irish song with more than one title.

Londonderry Air / Danny Boy – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)

3. Värmlandsvisan

Värmlandsvisan (Ack, Värmeland, du sköna) is an extremely melancholic and beautiful Swedish song.

Värmlandsvisan – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)

4. Ievan polkka (Ieva’s Polka)

A former viral Internet hit, the Finnish-based Ievan polkka is a lot of fun to play with the piano.

Ievan polkka – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)

5. Whiskey in the Jar

Good old Irish song for good times! As long as there’s some whiskey in the jar, the life is great for the pianist, as well.

Whiskey in the Jar – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)

6. Sakura, Sakura

A famous Japanese song about cherry blossoms and how they only bloom for a week before falling. This song is from the Edo period.

Sakura, Sakura – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)
Cherry blossom (Sakura)

7. Scarborough Fair

An old English ballad with a tranquil, Dorian harmony and melody.

Scarborough Fair – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)

8. Täällä Pohjantähden alla (Here Beneath the Northern Star)

Perhaps the most loved traditional song in Finland is this one. Full of sorrow, yet so beautiful.

Täällä Pohjantähden alla – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)

9. Korobeiniki

The Russian traditional song “Korobeiniki” is known also as the “Tetris song” – having been chosen the background music of the famous video game. The original song is a story about a travelling merchant.

Korobeiniki – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)

10. Oh! Susanna

A true American song, often played with the banjo. Oh! Susanna is also a great choise for a pianist – and quite easy, too!

Oh! Susanna – Buy Sheet Music (PDF)
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